Kry10 Secure Platform

Secure, Robust, Fast, Easy

The Kry10 Secure Platform (KSP) is a breakthrough Operating System and Support Service built on the world-class seL4®, Erlang, and Elixir technologies.

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Self-healing GUI for IoT and Desktop

Scenic is a GUI framework that is robust against errors and uses minimal resources. It's main design point is IoT style devices and also works well on Desktop computers, creating a true cross-platform UI standard.

There are many examples of Scenic being used in the wild.

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The Kry10 team has deep technical, business, and policy experience. Together we are dedicated to ensuring that all new connected devices in the world are secure, robust, work reliably with speed and are assured. We are growing and expanding our technical capacity in the both the OS and data-center side. If you care about these things as much as the Kry10 team does - then you have definitely visited the right place.

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