Say Hello to Scenic

The world's first GUI for Erlang+Elixir+OTP

Robust, self-healing applications across platforms including MacOS, Linux, and IoT devices.


Scenic is an (almost) all-elixir framework that builds and runs UI without a browser. It is aimed at IoT devices (it works great on your desktop too), has a very small footprint, and works with Nerves.

The following links will help you get started.

  • Dependencies
  • Example Application
  • Documentation
  • GitHub
  • Watch

    Overview and announcement of Scenic at ElixirConf 2018
    Why we're bought in to Elixir and Erlang. ElixirConf 2016 Keynote
    Technology trends and predictions. 2018
    Early Scenic thoughts from ElixirConf 2017

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